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Versace vs Smith Sunglasses..

If it were up to me, I'd still be wearing these inexpensive $15 sunglasses from a local shop. But as my friend from the Netherlands is the caring friend, he insisted to buy me a pair of sunglasses that actually keep my vision safe and even improve my style. He bought me a pair of impressive Versace sunglasses. However, I must admit I might even like these Smith sunglasses even more. Smith optical products are designed by Paul Smith.

So, let's talk a bit about Smith's, Versace's, Serengeti sunglasses and other popular brands in the industry of glasses and sunglasses. In the first place it is important to take care of your glasses. If the user doesn't maintain his pair of glasses, the product may be ruined. In case you want to maintain the glasses you got, whether it be Persol sunglasses or even electric sunglasses, below are outlined some tips a glasses-wearer definitely ought to know.

Many folks use their glasses for different activities at different locations. Therefore, it is advised for owners to visit optical shops on a regular basis in order to examine their eyes and glasses. As for sunglasses, it's important to not let screws loose or not to check your sunglasses for marks and scratches.

That said, do not wipe your glasses when dry as dryness may indirectly cause you to scratch your glasses. As dust particles are on the lenses, applying a dry cloth over the dusty lenses may damage the lenses. Instead, make use of proper cleaning solutions and use only quality fiber material to clean your glasses.

Additionally, make sure you have a pair of decent quality sunglasses. You might not know, but not all lenses are of the same quality. There are also non-polarized as well as polarized lenses. As we know, Versace is a famous brand. It is famous for its well-known quality and style. But not only that - Versace uses top-notch lenses in their products. It may cost you more, but it's well worth it as quality glasses offer more protection against UV rays.

Buying (sun)glasses for recreational activities usually calls for in-depth examinations when you would usually have in a normal case. For example, the sunglasses lenses must not distort color as visual clarity matters. You don't want to compromise in the terms of vision clarity. Do not hesitate to choose from other reputable manufacturers. If you find Versace products expensive, you may want to go for Oakley or Smith products.

In addition, buy optics that are lightweight. If you are buying a pair of glasses for snow sports, you should go for the lenses that are able to reduce light up to 90%. That's why lenses are rated by different levels. For example, if your glasses say lens are rated of 4, it means the opacity level is very high.

Before making an order, always consider the shape of your face. If you are buying a pair of sunglasses for yourself, of course. Round faces usually look best in square glasses. Cat-eye sunglasses always look great on rounder faces, so you may go for one of these if you have a round shape of your face.

Not only shape is important. Color matters as well. Black glasses may be slimming if you have a fuller face. If you have a warm skin tone, go for copper, brown or dark red color of the lenses.

Women normally prefer wearing glasses as a fashion detail as many sunglasses are tailored for feminine tastes and styles. These days sunglasses by Serengeti are trendy as they are based on large frames. Either way, it is important to mention that people who already wear prescription glasses and are willing to purchase a pair of sunglasses should ask their doctor help them the right choice. If you are not able to find prescription glasses, consider contact lenses so you can wear normal sunglasses.

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